11 Songs About Wyoming to Enjoy the Equality State

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Wyoming is home to an abundance of natural beauty. The word “Wyoming” itself originates from the Native American word for “large plains.” The 44th American state is also home to Yellowstone National Park and has nearly as many pronghorns as people.

It’s no wonder that the lush wilderness and beauty of the large plains inspired so many artists. Here are 11 songs about Wyoming guaranteed to capture your heart.

Like anything else the music of Wyoming does not happen in a vacuum. It, along with all the other culture of Wyoming, is influenced by the neighboring states. Wyoming is bordered by Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah and Colorado. See the best songs about Wyoming in this post.

11 Songs About Wyoming

1. “Song of Wyoming” by John Denver

“Watching the river roll by
Here comes that big old prairie moon rising
Shining down bright as can be
Up on the hill there’s a coyote singing
A Song of Wyoming for me”

Listening to this song about Wyoming, you can’t help but picture a cowboy making his way home after riding his horse through the fields all day. He feels free in his moonlit prairie as he listens to coyotes and birds singing. The nostalgic tone of the jaw harp takes you back to the Wild West, revealing the natural beauties of this Cowboy State. Whether you’re a native or a visitor, this track is bound to make you feel like you belong to Wyoming.

2. “Take Me Back to Old Wyoming” by Chris LeDoux

“Take me back to old Wyoming, I’ve been away too long
I want to hear the meadow lark singin’ this cowboy’s favorite song
I want to saddle up old paint and just ride him out across the hills
I belong in old Wyoming, and I reckon that I always will”

Now, here’s a track that will make you want to pack your bags and get on the first bus, train, or plane to Wyoming. Sung by a true cowboy who yearns for Western skies, “Take Me Back to Old Wyoming” is a hearty musical treat for anyone far away from home and family. This song about Wyoming makes you want to dig out some cowboy boots, put on your Stetson, and embark on an easy-going horseback ride through the prairie.

3. “Cheyenne” by Jason Derulo

“I never meant to fall in love,

“Cheyenne” means “people of the strange tongue” in the Arapahoe language. In the context of the song, the use of the name Cheyenne evokes feelings of the confusion surrounding new love. However, there is no confusion that these plains were once inhabited by the Cheyenne tribe.

Today, the capital of Wyoming offers many tourist attractions to transport you back in time. You can experience the largest rodeo show during the Frontier days and learn about Native American culture and early pioneer settlements by visiting Wyoming State Museum. Wyoming is also known as the Equality State because it was the first U.S. state to grant women the right to vote. Why not take a trip to the state of great plains and fall in love with its fascinating past?

4. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” by George Strait

“But it’s alright baby
If I hurry, I can still make Cheyenne
Gotta go now baby
If I hurry, I can still make Cheyenne”

Cheyenne is the oldest city in the Cowboy State and is considered to be the nation’s rodeo and railroad capital. But it is not just about the cowboys and the Old West. Wyoming State Capitol, the city’s standout symbol with its Renaissance Revival-style architecture, lies right in the heart of Cheyenne. This city is home to the largest steam engine in the world, the appropriately named Big Boy. Why not book your ticket to Cheyenne now and enjoy a ride through this vibrant prairie city?

5. “Jackson Hole” by James Wesley

“The air is thin in Jackson Hole
When the sun goes down, it’s bitter cold
Unless you can charm somebody into keepin’ you warm”

This song about Wyoming paints a perfect picture of what you can expect from the weather in the Equality State. Known for being cold and having a significant amount of rainfall each year, Wyoming is the perfect spot for layering up and getting cozy.

Additionally, Jackson Hole is a place in Wyoming unlike any other. If you’re into skiing, then the Jackson Hole Mountain resort needs to be on your bucket list.

6. “The Hills of Wyoming” by Gene Autry

“Let me ride on a trail in the hills of old Wyomin’
Where the coyotes wail in the gloamin’
For it’s there that my heart’s at home”

Here’s another song about Wyoming to get you in the mood for exploring the beauty of Wyoming. This sweet little country tune pays tribute to the geography of the state. It even compares Wyoming’s wind to that of a lullaby, giving it an inviting quality. Wyoming is home to a large country music scene, so it would come as no surprise if you turned on the radio and heard this track.

The romanticization of Wyoming’s landscape will only add to your wanderlust for this part of the country.

7. “Wyoming State of Mind” by The Snarlin’ Yarns

“I’m in a Wyoming state of mind
I’m in a Wyoming state of mind
Just wake me in the morning when we cross that state line
I’m in a Wyoming state of mind”

This easy-listening country track is bound to transport you to the lush beauty of Wyoming. If you’ve never been to the Cowboy State, then this is the perfect song to listen to before heading out there. This song about Wyoming references the Devil’s Tower, the Teton Range, and Yellowstone. All these marvels of the natural world are guaranteed to make your jaw drop in appreciation of the 44th state’s natural beauty.

8. “4:47 AM (The Remains of Our Love)” by Roger Waters

“Are we going to go now?
Where would you like to go darling?
Mmm…Vermont…Wyoming (yes)
Children…(what?) we’re going to Wyoming
Darling…Which way is Wyoming?”

Wyoming is depicted in this song as a place for escape. Perhaps this echoes the fact that Wyoming is known as the least populated state in the entire country. For this reason, the State tends to attract anyone seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and large crowds. Even if it’s just for a short vacation, Wyoming is a great place to go to if you want to escape the constraints of urban living.

9. “Get Along Little Dogies” by The Weavers

“Whoopee ti yi yo, get along little dogies
It’s your misfortune, ain’t none of my own
Whoopee ti yi yo, get along little dogies
You know that Wyoming will be your new home”

Here’s another folksy tune that will have you wanting to buy a straw hat and ride a horse into the Wyoming sunset. The song tells the story of a wandering Cowboy singing about bringing home some dogs to Wyoming. On his journey, he directly references Wyoming’s prairies and large rivers, painting a perfect picture of the spellbinding scenery.

10. “Old Tom Horn” by Chris LeDoux

“Old Tom Horn with a rifle by his side
Through the hills of Wyoming he would ride
There ain’t no tellin’ how many cattle thieves he killed
But it was God help the rustler when Tom Horn was in the hill”

This country tune by Chris LeDoux gives listeners an insight into the Johnson County Cattle War that took place from 1889 to 1893. The song about Wyoming references Tom Horn, a 19th/20th century Wyoming cowboy.

It should come as little surprise that cattle theft is still a thing in Wyoming, as grassy mountain meadows filled with cattle is a common sight in this part of the country. In fact, Wyoming ranks as the number one state in the country for the average size of farms and ranches.

11. “Why, Oh Why, Did I Ever Leave Wyoming?” by Roy Rogers

“Why, oh why, did I ever leave Wyoming?
Why, oh why, did I ever have to go?
Why, oh why, did I ever leave Wyoming?

Known as the “King of the Cowboys,” what better way to end this list than with a Roy Rogers song? This classic little tune tells the story of a man who is wondering why he decided to leave his home state. As the song goes on, you discover that he is being hunted down by the sheriff. This fun country ditty is a great homage to the Cowboy State and can be enjoyed by both natives and visitors alike.

Final Thoughts on Songs About Wyoming

There’s no doubt that Wyoming’s beauty is what sets it aside from any other state. It’s no wonder the landscape is such a common theme when it comes to music. We hope that these 11 songs about Wyoming have given you a better idea of what to expect from the Cowboy State.

If you enjoyed this list, be sure to check out the videos in the links provided. Who knows? Maybe the winds of Wyoming will call you too.

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