11 Songs About Kentucky to Enjoy the Bluegrass State

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Kentucky is known as “the Bluegrass State,” and it earned the nickname thanks to the abundance of this grass that supports its prosperous farming industry. It’s a land of unique culture, bluegrass music, horse racing, coal, moonshine, and tobacco. An excellent way to feel Kentucky’s charm is to listen to songs about it. We’ve compiled … Read more

11 Songs About Montana to Enjoy the Treasure State

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Montana is known for its stunning natural landscapes, from breathtaking mountains, lakes, and rivers to diverse wildlife, including buffalo and deer. But did you know that Montana is also known as the treasure state because of its rich deposits of gold, silver, coal, and other minerals? The best way to learn about a state’s nature, … Read more

11 Songs About New York to Enjoy the Empire State

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New York State is most famous for the city of New York. It’s a dynamic metropolis known for its luxury boutiques, spectacular Broadway musicals, and Wall Street. It has long fascinated visitors from all over the world. Apart from the bright lights, it’s also home to the iconic Statue of Liberty and Central Park. Even if you’ve … Read more