11 Songs About Georgia to Enjoy the Peach State

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“Just an old, sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.” Eventually, Ray Charles’ version of “Georgia on My Mind” became the official anthem of the State of Georgia in 1979. It might be the most famous song about the beautiful State of Georgia, but it is definitely not the only one. If you’ve never been … Read more

12 Songs About Alabama to Enjoy the Yellowhammer State

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Alabama is the state where it’s a Class-B felony to wrestle with a bear, but it is also one of the most famous subjects of country songs. Some songs suggest that the state is all about blue skies and whiskey-drinking men, but there’s more to the state than stereotypical imagery. It’s filled with a rich … Read more

11 Songs About South Carolina to Enjoy the Palmetto State

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You may imagine shrimp, Palmetto trees, and college football when you think of South Carolina. Yet this great state has some of the most interesting histories. For example, Charleston, the most popular city, has the oldest tree in the country. In the Civil War, South Carolina was the first state to secede. The barbeque was … Read more

11 Songs About Michigan to Enjoy the Great Lake State

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Michigan can take pride in its uniqueness, from the beautiful Petoskey stones to the amazing Mighty Mac. Aside from these well-known facts about Michigan, there is a reason why it is called the State of Great Lakes, having more miles of freshwater than any other state. What better way to learn about the state of … Read more

11 Songs About Colorado to Enjoy the Centennial State

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Colorado is best known for its unforgettable landscapes, from forests and mountains to rivers, canyons, and sand dunes. It’s also popular for the wide range of physical activities it offers, including skiing, hiking, biking, and skydiving.  But did you know that the Four Corners Monument, in the southwest corner of Colorado, is the only place … Read more

11 Songs About Hawaii to Enjoy the Aloha State

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For most people, Hawaii evokes images of long sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. But did you know that on top of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano you can spend the morning sunbathing at the base and playing in the snow during the afternoon? With its deep history and rich cultural legacy, the 50th state has … Read more

11 Songs About Tennessee to Enjoy the Volunteer State

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With its forests and more than 3,800 documented caves, the state of Tennessee is a treasure trove of natural beauty. But did you know that the famous Reelfoot Lake was formed during an earthquake? Or that Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains are home to as many as 30 species of salamanders? But the best way to … Read more

13 Songs About California to Enjoy the Golden State

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California has a lot to offer: Hollywood, Silicon Valley, wine, fantastic beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. The Golden State is the third-largest state in the U.S. and the most populous one. While you can always browse the internet to learn more about a state, doing so from the area’s music grants a more interesting perspective. In … Read more

12 Songs About West Virginia to Enjoy the Mountain State

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Because of its somewhat misleading name, you may think West Virginia is in the western U.S. But it’s quite the opposite; it’s the only state located entirely within the Appalachian Mountains in the east. West Virginia is also unique because it’s the only one that seceded from the Confederate States. Each state is unique, and … Read more

12 Songs About Texas to Enjoy the Lone Star State

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Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S. Austin, Texas is not just the state’s capital, but it is known as the world’s live music capital. So it comes as no surprise that many songs are dedicated to this beautiful southern (or southwestern) state. By listening to some of these songs, you can get an … Read more